Here’s an overview of what a short plastering course might include, its benefits, and where you might find such courses.

What is a Short Plastering Course?

A short plastering course typically spans a few days to a couple of weeks and is designed to provide practical, hands-on training in plastering techniques. These courses are ideal for beginners looking to learn the basics of plastering or for individuals wanting to enhance their existing skills.

1. Introduction to Plastering Tools and Materials:

   – Overview of essential plastering tools (trowels, hawks, floats, etc.)

   – Introduction to various types of plaster and their uses.

2. Basic Plastering Techniques:

   – Preparing surfaces for plastering (cleaning, priming, etc.)

   – Mixing plaster to the correct consistency.

   – Applying the first coat (scratch coat) and subsequent layers (float and set).

   – Skimming using finish plaster such as Multi-Finish.

   – Skim beeds & when to use them.

3. Advanced Techniques (if included):

   – Techniques for plastering on different surfaces (brick, concrete, etc.)

   – Decorative plastering (cornices, moldings, etc.)

4. Health and Safety:

   – Safe handling of plastering tools and materials.

   – Best practices for working at heights and in confined spaces.

5. Practical Sessions:

   – Hands-on practice in plastering walls and ceilings.

   – Feedback and tips from experienced instructors.

6. Assessment and Certification:

   – Practical assessment to test proficiency.

   – Certificate of completion for successful participants.

Benefits of a Short Plastering Course

– Quick DIY Skill Acquisition: Gain practical skills in a short amount of time.

– Cost-Effective: Short courses are generally more affordable than long-term programs.

– Flexibility: Many plastering courses offer flexible schedules to accommodate working professionals including 2 dayweekend plastering courses.


A short plastering course is an excellent way to quickly acquire the skills needed for basic to advanced plastering tasks. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, enhance your skills, or tackle DIY projects, these courses provide practical training and valuable experience. Just search for Plastering Courses near me.