Bricklaying Courses

1 day Bricklaying Course 149.00

Start time 9.15am. Finish time 4.30

The 1 day bricklaying course at The Building Workshop covers the basic techniques required to achieve professional results including:

Tools for the job.
Setting out.
Laying bricks to a line.
Building corners.
Building piers.
Face brickwork (jointing & pointing).

All tuition is on a practical basis. The day starts with practising basic trowel control. You will then be taught how to apply a joint and will lay bricks to a line. Following lunch (provided) you will then progress on to corners and piers.

With a maximum of 4 students per course, you will have plenty of individual time with the instructor to discuss your own personal projects if required.

This course is ideal for those wishing to erect a garden wall, BBQ or brick up windows or doorways etc.

Bricklaying Courses Bricklaying Courses


2 Day Bricklaying Course 259.00


Day 1 start time 9.15, finish 4.00
Day 2 start time 9.00, finish 4.00

The 2 day course is similar to the 1 day but goes into more depth. Once a student is able to lay bricks to a line, build a corner & build a pier, we then go onto setting up a blockwork cavity wall, including a damp proof course (DPC), installing a window with a lintel over & running in a straight arch over the opening.

The 2 day course is ideal for those wishing to build a small extension or conservatory wall for example.

Bricklaying Courses Bricklaying Courses

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