Plastering - More Information

How many times have you heard friends say "I can extend a plug circuit, do a bit of woodwork but Plastering, oh no!

To apply plaster to a wall - not the floor - and get it to stick, then smooth it out ready for decoration makes most people despair.

Well, there is a way but you first have to learn a few basics. For example, controlling various suction rates on different wall surfaces can make all the difference as to whether the plaster sticks or slides off & whether it cracks or not. The use of various metal or plastic beads for perfect corners, how to fix them and how to make sure they are 'true'. Knowing about the various gypsum plasters available on the market today & how, when & where to use them.

Then you need to know the consistency of the mix for both the backing coat & the finish coat. Want to know the answer to all of these processes & have professional instruction at the same time? Then read on..

A one or two day course at the Plastering Workshop with expert instructors will explain the methods used in plastering, where to start, how to apply straight screeds to the top & bottom of a wall & then to infill, ruling off with a straight edge to ensure your rendered wall is flat & true. Learn how to seal old plastered or artexed surfaces ready to apply a smooth plaster finish. All of this is possible. As with any job, you must learn the basics first - the speed & confidence will follow with practice.

With only 4-5 students per instructor you will be give the time to learn these skills & put them into practice & if you have specific problems with renovation work on your own property, your instructor will have the time to be able to help & advise. Why not give it a try?

We're not saying that a 2 day plastering course will turn you into a professional plasterer but you will leave the plastering workshop ready to face that unplastered wall with confidence!

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